About Us

TC Engineering in Vicenza is among the top Italian realities in the planning and design sector. Thanks to thirty years of experience, we can develop extremely complex projects, guaranteeing their precise realization through careful analysis and controls during work supervision.

Personnel that is extremely competent and available, together with specific and linguistic professionalism, are just two of the key factors that allow us to be present not only on the national market but also internationally, with clients of different origin; from public administrations to the biggest Italian credit groups, from the civil sector to the industrial and advanced tertiary sectors.

ETC Engineering is a leading partner for the most important Italian IT companies, for which we design and manages Data Centers, and of some of the biggest Italian banking institutes, whose real estate assets we manage and optimize.


Etc Engineering opera da sempre con l’ambizione di diventare leader nel settore della progettazione integrata ed essere punto di riferimento costante nell’ambito dell’innovazione tecnologica predisponendo e realizzando modelli operativi e gestionali che diventino be

ETC Engineering has always worked towards becoming a leader in the planning and design sector and being a constant reference point in technological innovation, preparing and realizing operation and management models that become best practice in the reference sectors thanks to clear engineering methods that are certified by the most important international organizations.

Our company works in the engineering planning and design field, supplying design services for technological, electrical, thermofluid, special and fire prevention systems, as well as architectural and structural systems for buildings.

We pay constant attention to saving energy and reducing consumption, considering both the requirements of the environmental and social context in which we work, as well as the economic-financial aims of the client.

Alongside this we provide services that support design, such as the supervision of works, project management, maintenance management, testing, and technical-economic consultancy.


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